Avoid these 10 foods which can dry out your skin


Indeed, skin and health are interrelated with each other. The better you eat, the better will be your skin. Dermatologists always recite that “Skin is the reflection of body health” because whatever you eat shows up on your skin. If you include healthy foods in your diet your skin will show up a healthy glow.


If you’re following an unhealthy diet plan, it would certainly harm your skin. Wondering how?

Simply because the liver is crammed up with toxins and an overloaded liver could not function properly. The liver’s ideal job is to filter out the toxins but as the poor liver is completely crammed and unable to function properly it hands over the job to other organs like skin. When all the toxins get eliminated through the skin it leads to various skin issues like dryness, acne, blemishes and the list goes on.

For instance, having fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds will simplify the process of detoxifying the body and promotes healthy glowing skin because such foods contain proteins, vitamins, antioxidants. Likewise, if you binge on sugary, processed foods they break down easily and form molecules that lead to premature ageing, acne breakouts and blemishes. [1][2]

How to categorize healthy versus unhealthy foods? Well, stick around the article to find out the solution.



What are the foods that cause dry skin and why do they harm your skin?



1. Excess intake of Vitamin A


foods that cause dry skin


Vitamin A supplements are packed with abundant antioxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for repairing the skin, tissues and cells. However, intake of excess vitamin A supplements can cause “Hypervitaminosis”. Due to consumption of heavy doses of vitamin A can lead to several kinds of health as well skin issues like dry peeling skin. [3]

What to do instead?

Take right amounts of vitamin A in your diet. According, to National Institute of Health, the advocated amounts of intake is,

foods that cause dry skin



2. Excess intake of dairy products


foods that cause dry skin

In the recent times, people left the old rituals and started cultivating greedy techniques like feeding hormones (progesterone) to most of the cows. This will double the milk production. So, when we drink milk we also get those hormones. Those hormones can cause acne, dryness, skin breakouts and ageing.

What can you do instead?

We can’t, however, stop intake of dairy products because we stop getting calcium. So, probably go for hormone-free dairy products or shop at health food stores as these will have a good range dairy products. [4]Else switch to non-dairy products like almond milk, soy milk, goat cheese.



3. Excess sugars


foods that cause dry skin


Sugars can easily break down in the body and form molecules. Sugar rush can weaken the immune system and thereby the body organs like liver cannot function properly. Toxins, bacteria gets eliminated through the skin which will be a leading cause of skin issues. Avoid such sugary foods, juices & sodas which lack fibres, sugary smoothies, sweetened yoghurt and soft drinks.



4. Excess caffeine


foods that cause dry skin

Similar to sugars, caffeine is also simple carb that easily breaks in the body and produces a stress hormone called “cortisol”. This hormone can dehydrate your body and leads to early ageing of the skin. Whatsoever caffeine has its benefits too. It has antioxidants which can cure sun damages. So, to get the benefits of caffeine don’t take more than 2 cups a day.



5. Alcohol


worst foods for skin


Alcohol is diuretic in nature. When you frequently gulp down this drink it oozes out water from your body by decreasing the water levels. That’s how alcohol makes your skin dry and cause fine lines, wrinkles over your skin.

What to do then?

If you’re a bacchanalian, don’t worry then! Drink as much as water like a fish to balance the hydration levels.



6. High-glycemic foods


foods that cause dry skin


Refined carbohydrates like white loaves of bread, pasta, white rice, cookies, white potatoes, cakes are some of the high glycemic foods that cause blood sugar rush. Like how sugars can wreak havoc on your skin, these refined carbohydrates also does the same job. High glycemic foods can also cause early ageing, wrinkles, clogged pores.

What can you do?

Instead munch on low glycemic foods like sweet potatoes, vegetables, greens, skim milk, brown bread, seeds, low-fat yoghurt.


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7. Deep fried foods


foods that cause dry skin


Foods get oxidised when they’re deep fried in oils. Such saturated fats are the bad oxidants. Whilst, antioxidants flush out the toxins from the body, oxidants will not detox the body. Instead, they’re the source of heart diseases and poor blood circulation.



8. Packed & Processed foods


worst foods for skin

All the processed foods during processing will be low in fibres, nutritional deficiencies and nutrients. Because such foods contain artificial ingredients and are loaded with trans fats, sugars, fructose, refined carbohydrates. Wherein the airtight packed foods have inadequate water content. Such imperfect foods would certainly show up negative effects on the skin like dryness, wrinkles, rashes, premature ageing.

What to do instead?

Munch on more fruits and vegetables instead, which has adequate water content. Also, consuming such foods gives healthier skin by flushing away all the toxins from the body.



9. Excess salty foods

foods that cause dry skin


Like alcohol, excess salt consumption also draws out fluids and dehydrates the body. Then obviously skin gets much drier. So, simply when you eat more salty foods gulp down more water. Things get balanced.



10. Inorganic foods


foods that cause dry skin

Organically grown foods contain thrice the amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals than non-organic foods. They yield healthy skin. On the other hand, inorganic foods are infused with pesticides, fungicides and harmful chemicals. These toxins will certainly enter our body when we consume them. The effects are shown up on the skin. Try to avoid these inorganic foods and go organic, living a healthy life.



The better quality food we eat, the better our health and skin will be. For youthful radiance and hydrated skin avoid these foods and incorporate healthy diet plan.

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