256 year old man Li Ching Yuen diet and lifestyle secrets

256 year old man? Is that true? or a big hoax?

If it’s so true that a man survived for great 256 yrs, how can he live such a long life? Is he an alien? or a man with some supernatural powers?

As per the extent of human knowledge, a person can live for good 150 years, but can a person live beyond that, for such a longest period?

This was the debate prevailing around the world since the news got viral.

What’s the real story?

Li Ching Yuen was the man who astonishingly lived 256 years, and as far as one knew it’s not a myth or a tale. Well, there were many common tales that Li was not the only man who lived such long years, there are also people who lived for over 200 years or even several thousands of years. Sounds pretty insane! Right? In China, people like priests and Buddhist monks live for several thousands of years by heading to the mountains and polishing their brains.


Heading to mountains and polishing the brains can make a person live longer?

Probably yes, stick around the article to find out the answer.



256 year old man Li Ching Yuen’s most fascinating story



256 year old man li ching yuen

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Firstly, meet the most generous man Li Ching Yuen hailing from a province of China. His birth date is a mystery as some say he was born in 1677 while he himself claimed to be born in 1736. Whatsoever, this man came into limelight on his 150th birthday when he was being felicitated by the Chinese Government. Subsequently, the Chinese government again congratulated him on his 200th birthday.

Those two documents of the Chinese government were discovered by a professor of Chengdu University named Wu Chung-Chieh and later this astonishing news was put front by the New York Times articles in the year 1930.

As per the article stated, Li was one of the most generous men. With his generosity, he was the most beloved man in his community. He was not just loved by his fellow men, but also insanely he won hearts of 23 women. He was the father of over 200 kids, again which is pretty insane to hear. Li didn’t just break the records of living 256 years, but also by marrying 23 women and by having so many descendants he broke several times.


Li Ching Yuen’s professional lifestyle –

Apparently, Li was well known as a Herbalist because from the age of 10 he used to travel several mountain ranges like Tibet, Annam, Kansu, Shansi, Manchuria and Siam for the purpose of gathering local herbs. He survived on that diet of herbs and rice wine almost throughout his lifetime. Simultaneously, he also sold those herbs of his collection and thereby continued this as an occupation. Eventually, when he got aged he started selling the herbs which he gathered from other vendors.

Furthermore, Li taught martial arts to the Chinese armies at the age of 71. Clearly, one can understand how energetic and restless Li-ching Yuen was all through his life. Li’s last statements while on his deathbed were “I have done all that I have to do in this world”. So, probably, Li can be taken as a motivation for either dietary plans or his ideal restless lifestyle. How many of you agree?



Another man like Li who lived shockingly 500 years

Well, like I said Li was not the only man who lived long years, there was another strange man who lived a lifespan of 500 big years. Li was his disciple. He instructed Li about the dietary plans i.e., to include herbs and rice wine in his diet plan and also he taught Qigong exercises. This man was the reason behind Li’s 256 years of survival.

Also, people like priests and monks head to such mountain ranges and become the disciples of some random instructors who preach them the herbs dietary plans. So, obviously, they’re  much more people who lived long longer life.


Li Ching Yuen’s health secrets


  • Li’s principles of life: “Keep a quiet heart, sleep like a dog, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly as a pigeon”.
  • The 5 herbs Li ate were Goji Berry, lingzhi, wild ginseng, he shoo wu, Gotu Kola, and rice wine.
  • Rice wine protects the body from infections.
  • Li intensely does breathing exercises which give serenity and peace of mind.
  • Baguazhang is typically a martial art Li practice every day.
  • He drinks Goji berry or Wolfberry Tea. It has vitamin X. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and fat accumulation. Substantially, it helps in rejuvenation and removes toxins in the blood.
  • Li meditates a lot. Meditation alleviates stress, depression, and anxiety. Meditation is the best therapy to enhance mood.
  • No intake of processed foods, fatty meat, sugary desserts.
  • No Bad carbs like refined sugars, flours or some pesticides sprayed food. Only intake of superfoods like herbs which builds up organs and helps in good blood flow.
  • Especially no Alcohol and tobacco usage.
  • He spends most of his time with nature. It rejuvenates body & soul.
  • He follows simplicity
  • Li does not compromise with sleep. Early to bed, early to rise!!
  • No usage of antibiotics/medicines
  • Drinking water stored in Ragi pots.
  • No usage of electronic devices: cell phones, air conditioners, microwaves, induction stoves.
  • He barely keeps his body at rest and always gets indulged in doing exercises, hiking and so on.
  • Work… Work… & Work is his everyday motivation.

                                                                                                                                     [Read: Perfect diet plan for healthy body]

Therefore, with a proper lifestyle and diet, we can live longer. But in these contemporary days, we ourselves are consequently decreasing the lifespan by various sources like improper diet plan, consumption of processed foods, by breathing polluted air, doing minimal works, insufficient exercise to the body, and due to so many factors.

Unless we follow a lifestyle like the 256 year old man Li, a lifespan of 100 is so great!!


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